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Erasmus Capital Partners 

The bridge to capital

Erasmus provides international development consultancy focused on the hospitality sector for specialist asset and wealth management firms.​

Active in Italy for over 15 years, the focus is to help foreign firms develop their footprint in the Italian market, as well as supporting Italian companies forging partnerships with international groups.​


Erasmus Capital Partners provides a unique access to an extended international network of hospitality investment, wealth management and finance professionals at senior level, supporting its clients attaining their strategic and business development goals.​

Hospitality Investment Solutions 

As consultants we provide advisory services to Italian and foreign corporates, with a focus on hospitality. We offer a turnkey solution aimed at helping foreign investors establish a strong footprint into the Italian market. We therefore offer guidance on all aspects of a specific transaction. We have a corporate finance approach to hospitality.

Hospitality Investment Fund   

We would like to bring change into the current market dynamics by acquiring family-owned structures, in order to modernise and reposition them up to the current international market standards. We combine local expertise and experience with international innovative hospitality concepts. This allows the implementation of the perfect balance between innovation and the rich Italian hospitality tradition.

Inbound Services 

The Italian market for asset management solutions is big, vibrant and well-developed. The main private wealth pool is managed by banking groups and insurance companies, providing investment solutions to private and retail clients. UCITS funds are the main building blocks for these solutions. The market is highly competitive and reputation and trust are essential to gain market access. Erasmus Capital Partners helps high quality boutiques to develop their business in Italy.

Outbound Services

The financial crisis and the subsequent economic slowdown has had a strong impact on the financial system in Italy. After years of restraint and investment in the domestic activities, Italian groups are looking again to expand their activities abroad. Strong balance sheets and a consolidated home-market create the ideal springboard for international development. Erasmus Capital Partners provides hands-on services and consultancy to help international expansion to be successful.