Family offices

Our solutions for family offices in the Italian hospitality industry

Our services are aimed at family offices that intend to invest in the Italian hospitality industry. Based on past experience we have designed tailored solutions aimed at supporting this process.

Our service package should be seen as à la carte

Establishing target segment and sourcing

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The first step is to establish a strategy and define the target segment. For example: leisure hotels in southern Italy, urban hotels in Northern Italy or business hotels in prime Italian travel hubs. The key is establishing a target market that allows for synergies with the potential investment portfolio or established partner. This selection process can be based on a single asset or a portfolio of assets. 

Partner selection 

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We are able to identify the right international or local partner for your specific investment goals and preferences. This party could consist of an accounting, fiscal, legal, operating, management, and/or franchising partner. All of this will be depending on your investment goals, target return and risk profile. 

Asset selection

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With our broad network we are able to source assets based on the established target segment provided. From 3 star budget urban hotels to 5 star luxury resorts, either core or value-add sourced directly from the owners and/or other parties involved (like NPL-servicers for distressed assets).

Transactional guidance

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The Italian legal and financial system can be complicated, which is why we have developed a process to help our clients get full clarity on potential complications and timelines. We can help with several factors including (but not limited to): due diligence, creation of the legal entity, opening of banking relationships, fiscal guidance, negotiation between seller and buyer, drafting of the purchase agreement, legal assistance and ultimately the final execution of the transaction. (for more information on the process and timelines please contact us). This also includes the structuring of the local vehicle, either a PropCo, OpCo or a combination or portfolio of both.


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Governance plays an essential role in the post-transaction space. We can therefore offer assistance in setting up the governance structure and selecting the right governance partners.

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