Hospitality Investment Solutions

Erasmus Capital Partners offers a variety of Hospitality Investment Solutions, including Turnkey restructurings that consist of managing renovation, legal support, developing a business & marketing plan and facilitating & establishing a new management structure for existing hotels. With our broad network of contacts both in- and outside Italy, we focus on making the Italian hospitality market more accessible to foreign investors.

Our solutions are tailored to each client:

Family Offices

Hotel Operators or groups

Institutional Investors


2022-2023 Investment case

We are happy to introduce our 2022-2023 hospitality investment case. This document summarizes the current dynamics of the Italian economy and how we see the future. It will also explain the impact this will have on the future of the Italian hospitality market and where we see the best investment opportunities.

"We see that a lot of family owned hotels are in need of help and investment, with the proper repositioning these assets can flourish. We aim to facilitate this."

Longterm Vision  

We want to make sure every transaction we are involved in creates longterm value for both the seller and buyer, aiming to facilitate a smooth and transparent deal .We are opportunistic in the way that we source assets, but not in the way that we close deals. We prefer longterm success over anything else. 

The Italian Market 


The Italian Hotel market is highly fragmented and has suffered from years of underinvestment, while at the same time, Italy is one of the main tourism destinations of Europe. This implies a lot of unused potential.


Many hotels in Italy are family-owned and suffer from a lack of capital to reach the standards set for international hospitality. Although these structures benefit from the exceptional hospitality culture present all over Italy, they leave much room for optimisation and innovation. A significant number of these hotel assets are in prime locations, meaning that with the right investment and repositioning they can flourish. The Covid crisis and subsequent EU support packages provide a unique opportunity to invest in assets with excellent return characteristics.  

Our Solution

We provide the bridge between foreign capital and Italian hotel assets. The Italian market for hotel assets is highly interesting for international investors, a strong guidance however is essential.


We perform a thorough due diligence on all assets we present and offer a turnkey solution in order to make the investment process transparent and safe. 


With our background in finance, investment banking, law and accountancy, we can provide the proper expertise.


"The Italian hotel market is highly fragmented and complex, we aim to solve this by providing a stable middle ground between foreign capital and Italian hotel assets."

Our business model

Our business model is based on the added value we are able to create for our clients,  which rests on the following pillars: precision, transparency, international reach and professionalism.